What We Do

For more than 20 years Noviva has specialised in sourcing and distributing fast moving consumer electronics, appliances, branded clothing, footwear and recently energy products. We sell to customers in more than 20 countries.

We take pride in ourselves being a dynamic, efficient and a flexible trading organisation bridging the gap between international brands and a wide, diversified customer portfolio. Our approach to the business has always been professionalism, passion and putting the needs of our partners first.

An important area of our expertise is to identify constantly changing partner needs and to anticipate the services that they require ahead of time.

Our processes include handling products from a wide range of industries. We work very closely with our partners to offer a discreet, seamless, and transparent service to distribute and re-sell stock into permitted territories.

Fast & Flexible

We enjoy close international relationships with manufacturers/brand holders as well as a large international supplier network which guarantees access to a wide and deep range of the most in-demand products.

In addition, our contacts and market knowledge enable us to provide exactly what is requested by our customers.

This flexibility has always characterised Noviva and has been a contributing factor to our steadily increasing customer base.

Strategic Location

Noviva is located in Dubai, a city uniquely placed for international business and trade. Its seat on the coast of the United Arab Emirates is the centre of a triangle, the corners of which are Europe, Africa and Asia.