Business Areas

Our vision is to offer services and products at competitive prices by understanding the simple and most complex needs.


Our Team stays updated, possesses know-how and experience and we have the financial resources to relocate large consignments of all products that we trade.

More than 20 years of experience with trading of fast-moving products across international markets have made us one of the region’s most significant trading companies. We know the trading market better than anyone, and our warehouse and logistics setup provide the ability to relocate large consignments which make us efficient trading specialists.

Trading is usually based on consignments where the goods are purchased back-to-back with delivery to one or more pre-approved customers. We also often purchase consignments to be placed at our central warehouse from where they are resold in smaller consignments.

In-depth Market
and Product Knowledge

Our experienced purchasers have an in-depth market and product knowledge and know how to utilise the possibilities that regularly arise based on the free movement of goods and different pricing around the world. We purchase from all markets where the goods are the cheapest or best available. We always find the right buyer for an attractive consignment or source specifically the goods requested by our customers.

in all Trades

We benefit from our trading experience when avoiding the pitfalls and unprofessional “too-good-to-be-true” deals. We scrutinize all suppliers, perform product and quality control checks, and only buy from long term reputable, reliable suppliers. We control the entire purchase supply chain to provide our clients with peace of mind and confidence. 

The Benefits
of Trading with Noviva

Strong, long term supplier and sourcing relationships

One of the region's most experienced trading companies

Unique market knowledge

In-depth product knowledge - we know what we sell

Brief lines of decision-making and quick response times

Control of paper flows and documentation

Flexible warehouse and logistics setup